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    Default Normandy Drive / North Bay Village Area

    Hey Forum,

    I have noticed some affordable homes in the Normandy Drive area around North Bay Village. These seem to be the only affordable houses in all of Miami Beach and was wondering why homes in this area were much cheaper than mid beach area. Since these are by the water, are they expensive (or even possible) to get the proper storm insurance etc? Also, is it nice living in these areas? Do we have any forum members who can share some information. Anything is appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,

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    That area is nice. Though I haven't lived in any of the homes, the area itself I've been to a lot and it's not bad. Be forewarned, though, the area is near Little Haiti, and some people may be listing those homes as NVB when they are in fact in a much worse area. So note that if you go and look.

    That area is a long drive from the freeway, and also not exactly on the beach. Like not a long drive, but not walkable either. So that may account for the lower prices.

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