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    Default Where to meet other new moms with kids?

    Hi everyone!

    A recent post got me thinking about ideas for new moms, families etc. As a new mom myself, and a recent transplant to Miami, I need to start meeting other people, couples or moms, that have children. Being at home with a child can be a very isolating experience (and I am only 1 month in!). I, for one, would love to find some more moms, dads, or both that would be available to get together to share in this experience, go on walks during the day and generally make this experience less isolating.

    I tried looking on but it seems like some of the groups are for only certain age groups or are very specific in their genre. Craigslist is a dud and seems to be a scam market these days...

    Anyone have any advice or are there any parents out there that have same issue?


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    Hi laurab,

    What about checking yahoo groups for any Mommy clubs? I would also ask any Moms you happen to run into during your day. And if you can't find any, start one!

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    I'll be watching the thread and hope you get some suggestions laura.

    I looked at the Meetup links (entered Moms, and Miami on the search). Not sure about the pole dancing link on P3 - maybe it's worth giving that a miss

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