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    Default Can I move to Miami without a college degree?

    Hello guys. I want to ask you some questions because I need a little help from you all. Now, I'am learning in high school and after that I would like to relocate to Miami or Miami Beach because I've always dreamed about it. So I would like to ask you all if it would be possible to relocate there, live and work without finishing college at first. Because I'm thinking about studying there. So, would it be possible to find a job, live and study there? The only big problem for me I think is that I'm from Europe and I can't imagine if it is not so hard to relocate there. I would be thankful for any information and hope you'll give a hand for me. Thanks!
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    Hi Edva,

    Here's the link to University of Miami that describes the application process for students living outside of the US.

    International Student Application Documents | Enrollment Management | University of Miami

    I would make sure to get accepted to a school before you move here. Once accepted you can live on campus, get a job on campus, and do a meal plan and live in a dorm with other freshmen. That would be the best option for you and it will be super easy to make friends. I'm not sure what the college application process is in your country, but here it's time consuming and is very stressful for most HS students. You have to take the evil SAT's, write an essay, submit your HS transcript and letters of recommendation, tell the Admissions office how wonderful you are, send a photo, and basically look good on paper. Check to see if you can get financial aid or if there are any scholarships you'd qualify for. Apply to at least four schools. Most of my graduating class applied to eight or nine so they'd know they'd have lots of options. I lived on the edge and just applied to three.

    Let us know if you have any questions along the way.

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    Good advice from Christy. I don't recommend coming to Miami without getting your college admission secured. That will also make it easier getting a visa. Work options are limited for foreign students, mostly you can work on-campus only.

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