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    Default Gay Couple Moving to South Beach

    Hey Guys--

    A friend of mine who lives in Miami recommended this site to me and I have found a lot of great information, but am left with a few questions.

    My BF and I are moving to sobe on Jan 15. We will be there for vacation from Dec 29-Jan 5. This was supposed to be just a vacation, but we have gotten so tired of life in Phoenix, that we just decided to move to Miami. So when we get back from the trip we are packing up and moving out about a week later. We are going to find a place to live in sobe during our vacation.

    My BF lived in sobe/Miami area for about 7 years and left sobe in 2006. He is a hair stylist does both color and styling and wants to find a high-end salon to work at and so sobe seams like the natural choice.

    I on the other hand have a completely different trade. I'm a business guy. I have my bachelors from the University of Illinois, and my MBA from a international business school called Thunderbird. I lived in Spain for two years and speak fluent Spanish. I've done marketing, sales, and business development my whole life in a few different industries. I'm hoping to find a job appropriate for my education level, experience, and abilities, but I'm not sure where to start my search. BTW, i love Latin culture, and the opportunity to work with Latin American companies is extremely appealing.

    So here's my questions:
    1. Where would be the best places for Kyle to look for high-end salons?

    2. Where would be some opportunities for me? People to talk to? Any advice would be appreciated.
    BTW, we both are prepared to take bar jobs etc while trying to find full-time work.

    3. Is the gay life still good in sobe? I've heard so much about everything moving to FLL and am wondering if my BF's memories of sob may be inaccurate.

    4. Given our situation is there anything else we should take in consideration about moving to sobe?

    In advance guys thanks so much for your help. Seems like a very friendly forum, and we both are looking forward to meeting and making new friends.

    Tom and Kyle
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    I lived in the Phoenix area and didn't really like it. I was in Tempe and that was cool, but compared to Miami, the Valley of the Sun was pretty lame.

    Here are some answers to your questions.

    1. High end salons are pretty much everywhere, from South Beach to Coral Gables to Brickell to South Miami and Coconut Grove. Obviously, you won't find them in the poorer or working class neighborhoods.

    2. Brickell and downtown Miami are the business sectors in Miami, but the Doral area has loads of Latin American companies that may need somebody with your skills. But don't expect a job overnight.

    3. Although there have been reports that South Beach is turning homophobic because of a some incidents involving local police, it is still very gay friendly. It may not be so concentrated as it was a few years ago but that's because the gay culture has been diversified with hetero culture who really don't care if you're gay.

    If you're looking for a pure gay culture with rows of businesses hanging out their rainbow flags, then perhaps Wilton Manors in Broward County is more suited for you.

    South Beach has definitely changed from the 1990s because it has become more corporate and less underground cutting edge, but nobody will bat an eye if you walk down the street holding hands with your boyfriend.

    4. You will quickly realize how lame Phoenix is.

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