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Thread: Are the insects really that bad?

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    Default Re: Are the insects really that bad?

    Don't know what's more creepy ,bed bugs,or roaches ... Glad I don't have any...

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    Default Re: Are the insects really that bad?

    Thanks. You saw the one about 25 things to know before you move here?

    You're in 100% agreement. Really most of it can be traced to Latin culture. Bad drivers. No sense of order. Corruption. Shitty food.

    It's cool we've gotten restaurants in the past 5-10 years that aren't tourist trap or 5-star spots or grimy cafeterias. But, seriosuly, can we put a moratorium on Pork Bellys, foie gras, sliders, and lobster? Much like the art scene, I start getting the feeling the restaurants are also a one trick pony. There's exceptions, but foodies are a lot like art snobs in that the more I learn, the more I realize they're mostly full of shit.

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