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    Default Coming in november

    Hello fellow Miami people, im making the big move from upstate NY to the confines of Miami. Im going at the end of august for a week to visit and scope out the place a little better and see whats available. Debating whether or not to bring a car, although most would say i should i think i could proboly get by without one. I do not have a job lined up and ide be going down with about 3500$. Im hoping to find a studio or 1 bedroom for arond 700-750. I hope thats do-able. Anyways ide just like to hear some opinions and/or suggestions before i make the big move. thank you.

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    Hi Smush,

    What brings you to Miami? Is it a permanent move?

    To move down with no job is risky, what do you intend on doing as a source of income?

    Lastly, Miami is a big place. Where do you want to live? Your budget is pretty low for Miami prices.

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