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    Default Short term options?

    I have been planning my move to Miami throughout the summer (in part with some questions on MB411) and begin work on August 15. Unfortunately Florida is moving extra slow processing my bar application, to the point that its threatening my job security. Since I'm a bit leery of locking in a year-long lease before knowing whether I will be able to keep my job, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on short term lease options. I've checked out Craigslist quite a bit, but its been a bit of a challenge checking out the validity of listings from 1,200 miles away. I know the Miami neighborhoods, I'm just not too aware of what short terms lease options are like in South Beach, Brickell and the Grove.

    Thanks for any pointers!

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    If you are truly unsure then I agree that a vacation rental for a month or two is your best option. my friend does that and got a 1BR in SoBe for $1800... a lot higher than normal rents but that's better than locking yourself into a 1 yr lease. Then, if the job works out, you are already based in the area to find a better apartment.

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    You'll be able to find more short term/furnished apartments in South Beach..Brickell is mostly unfurnished, one year leases..but it's a place you may like once you decide on staying in Miami.

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