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    Default We're moving the Search box and Login links

    On the main layout, we moved the placement of the Google Custom Search Engine and the Miami Beach 411 Login links. You can't see the change yet in the forum, but you can see it on the Home page here -

    You'll notice the search box is a little longer, and the login links are now inline with the main navigation. There's also a lot less empty space, which allows us to shore more content above the fold.

    Based on your feedback, we also brought back the "What's New" link in the main navigation, and are renaming it "Today's Threads". Thanks rk, Glenn, and Jess.

    Mike will let us know how long it will take to change the forum layout.

    In the near future, it looks like members will also be able to stay logged in to their accounts, when they're browsing the news, events and reviews sections.

    More to come...

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    Michael Miller


    I have some of the changes in place everyone and some more misc changes in store for tonight. Once I have the video software installed on my new pc we'll have some new quick videos showcasing some of the recent site changes!

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