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    Default 1st time in Miami from 21.-26. september

    Hey guys,

    we are 4 guys from germany coming to miami to party hard^^ we stay at Hotel Marseilles - every important spot should be reached fast. we're all older than 21 so thats no problem. Though I read a lot here at miami beach 411, I have few questions.

    1. We wanna hit LIV @ saturday 24 september. I think the only chance to get in as we are a male group is to get bottle service. we accept this, its no problem. What is the best way to get it? Make a reservation before coming to the club? Calling the number presented on the homepage of liv? or to contact a promoter?

    2. So we have left wednesday, thursday, friday and sunday. On sunday we'll go to nikki beach, as I read that it is the best on sundays. What about the other 3 nights? What i should tell about us - we don't like hiphop so much...but if the club and the people (girls haha) are nice its ok......

    So what is the best club, party etc at wednesday, thursday, friday? and maybe a club we'll get in without bottle service, because liv at saturday will be quite expensive I think we can afford maximum 2 nights doing this bottle thing^^

    3. What about clevelander? is it more a place to pre drink or to stay the whole night?

    4. where we can get nice breakfast? we don't have at our hotel!

    Thanks alot!

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    Default Re: 1st time in Miami from 21.-26. september

    Hi Benjamin, welcome to 411

    Starting with breakfast, try Big Pink, News Cafe, Front Porch or Van Dykes for a really good breakfast.

    Wednesday nights are good at Mansion, it's house and you should not need to buy a bottle. Thursdays are good at Mynt, but it is small so get there early. Fridays kind of suck, it is predominantly a hip hop night so the crowds are different... that would be a good bars night! Clevelander is fun to start the night at, but the party grows throughout the night so you could spend an evening there easily.

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    Default Re: 1st time in Miami from 21.-26. september

    hello I'm a club promoter.. i can help you out with some options..,for more information, email me, contact info is on my page...

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