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    Default Fri & Sat Night Out

    Hi! My gf and I are heading to Miami this weekend and we are looking at going out to STORY Friday night. Any recs on how to avoid the long line and getting in? It's just us 2 and bottle service seems to be excessive for 2 petite girls.

    I also heard great things about Clevelander, was thinking about heading over there Sat night? We are looking for a lounge for Sat night, so any recs are welcomed.

    I have been told to get with a promoter regarding getting into clubs, but I don't know any. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Fri & Sat Night Out

    my first five buck , a fin, drink
    was on the Clevelander porch
    during art deco days.

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    Default Re: Fri & Sat Night Out

    If you're girls, I'd say just go early (like before midnight) to Story and the bouncer should be pretty accommodating. Again, this is assuming you're attractive. You MAY have to pay cover but I'd say the odds are better that you won't than that you will. The key is getting there early.

    Clevelander is a fun time and definitely a landmark. Check it our for day drinks or early-evening drinking. Later it's not as great, the crowd gets a little trashier.

    As for a lounge, depends what you mean. IF you want an "ultralounge' Mokai is probably your best bet. The new rooftop at the 1 Hotel is great, though it might be kinda hot this time of year. For more of a cocktail lounge, check out the Regent Cocktail Club at the Gale Hotel. The Martini Bar the the Raleigh is great too.

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    Default Re: Fri & Sat Night Out

    Two girls will walk in no problem. Just go early enough and dress up and they'll walk you in

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