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Thread: Do a lot of Miami clubs also play a lot of rap?

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    Default Do a lot of Miami clubs also play a lot of rap?

    With all the rap here in Fort Myers being especially played as a new mainstream music, and especially with the rap cancer having eaten away about 95 percent of the nightlife atmosphere here, it's giving me thoughts of, at least one day, checking out some of Miami's clubs, maybe even some of the ones in Fort Lauderdale, too.

    But before I do, it seems that I may need a Heads Up especially if the majority of nightclubs in Miami are also playing that garbage. The kinds of music I like to hear at nightclubs are R&B, Old School, classic 80s and 90s dance music, a few Top 40s, and Spanish. I also like to dress casual, especially in shorts and a T-shirt.

    And by the way, unlike Batman, I'm not exactly fond of slow songs. But at any nightclub, I will easily and gladly take even 6 hours of continuous nonstop slow songs being played by the DJ over even one single rap song any night! THAT is how much I hate rap! Compared to rap, slow songs are even wood chips from a slingshot bouncing off steel plate armor.
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    Default Re: Do a lot of Miami clubs also play a lot of rap?

    The music in Miami is all dance music. No 80s and 90s, no rap, no spanish.

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    Default Re: Do a lot of Miami clubs also play a lot of rap?

    Haha....ok soooo no rap?

    Yes some clubs play rap because, well, some people like it even if you don't. And their money is just as good as yours. Those would be like Ive, Dream, Studio 23, FDR (some nights) and LIV on Sundays.

    Rec Room probably plays the most 80s/90s/open format. A lot of clubs play open format, which is like a nice way of saying Top 40 on nights when they don't have a big DJ in. As Jess says, electronic and dance music is still king, so assume that's what you'll hear, although you get some Spanish music at Icon now.

    I think it all boils down to where you do and what night you go on. Does that make sense?
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