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Thread: Fake ID Liv

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    Wink Fake ID Liv

    I am going to Liv this weekend, and I am only 20, I have two options, I have a fake ID with my photo on it, which has so far worked flawlessly at smaller bars, bigger bars, liquor stores, restaurants, and clubs all over south florida and key west, and I also have a real ID from someone who is of age, however, she is not my height, and only sort-of looks like me, same hair and eye color, but not a twin match made in heaven, I also have no second form as a backup, and I've only used it once at a bar, I will be going in with a promoter, I was wondering which ID I should use to get in

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    Default Re: Fake ID Liv

    What is the fake ID? A drivers license? Usually at the bigger clubs they scan them and use a UV light on them because a real ID has all sorts of holograms and info that a fake does not. If yours is a fake without that info it won't work.

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    Default Re: Fake ID Liv

    Absolutely go with the ID that's real and not you. I've literally seen girls get called out for having an ID that wasn't them, and then let in anyway. Plausible deniability by the bouncers I guess, but if you're an attractive female that road is a lot easier.

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