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Thread: Fake ID in SoBe

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    Default Fake ID at Miami clubs

    opinion on using a real id that barely looks like me (same eye color and hair, not height) and I do not have a second form, or a rgf MN ID at places like Story, Liv and Mansion, going in with a promoter
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    Default Re: Fake ID in SoBe

    I said this in the other thread, but definitely go with the real ID that isn't you. Expecially if you're going with a promoter, they're not going to look too hard at it. Just make sure you know your stuff and don't get too drunk before you show up, and forget all the info on the ID. Know the ID's astrological sign, ZIP code, all that stuff.

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    Default Re: Fake ID in SoBe

    Oh yea, knowing the star sign is extremely important. That's what they will ask you every time if they suspect.

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