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Thread: Party bus club package with free drinks

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    Default Party bus club package with free drinks

    hi guys i am new here. visiting miami for the first time. coming with 4 girls and one other guy.

    1)wondering if i can get in liv or mansion on sat for free with my friends?

    2)also for friday one of my friends mentioned there are promoters on the street that do a drinks and party bus package that take you to the club you want for 70 bucks or so how do find those people?

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    Default Re: free drinks and party bus club pakage?

    Hey jazzyb777....welcome to the forums!!

    Ok insofar as your first question, Mansion has been closed for a while, it's now Icon, and it's not really worth going to. Story would be option #2 if you want the big, sexy South Beach club experience. But there is about as much a chance of it snowing during your visit at the guys getting in for free. The girls...MAYBE. Without you, if they're hot, and you go early. Otherwise expect to pay cover or buy tickets.

    The promoter services are legit, though I don't know off the top of my head how to contact them. They run early, though, and you don't get drinks in the club. But it does save some hassle. Typically you can peruse the Internet and find them, though. And some work through the hotels.
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    Default Re: Party bus club package with free drinks

    Usually the hotel concierge can connect you to the paid entry bus. It is a good option and we've never heard complaints about them.

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    Default Re: Party bus club package with free drinks

    Last two times I trespassed on South Beac at night I noticed a Chiva Tour in motion.

    I've done them twice in Colombia and it's really a good time. Not sure how it operates in Miami but the traditional method is stopping off at a few dance spots and a restaurant. When you board you're handed a bottle of Aguardiente and join the revelry with the percussion band in the back of the bus.

    Maybe an idea for a meet-up.

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