I wrote,

<<..."In my line of business, we can not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, familial status, or disability."....>>

Coach replied,
<<...."Glenn, that's right. And none of the clubs discriminate based on that, at least not on an overt basis."...>>

Coach -

I must respectfully disagree. At least 3 of the criteria are routinely violated. I see it as extremely overt, or at least overt by some promoters. Several times recently on here a promoter has said that to you must be well-dresssed, young, and fit. The well dressed part is fine. But, if you have to be fit and young, I guess they can ban people over a certain age and those in wheelchairs because they aren't fit enough. And, of course, sex discrimatiomn is probably the most violated one. As is said on here many times by promters, a group of guys will have a harder time getting in than a group of girls. The discrimination in at least 3 categories is very overt.

In my business, if I advertised that I will only sell to (or am more likely to sell to) young, fit, females, then I would lose my license and be fined in a Miami minute.

In case anyone is wondering, I'm not bringing this up as "sour grapes" or anything like that. We have never had a problem getting into a club. It's not a personal issue. I'm just wondering (in amazement) how clubs get away with such practices.