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    Default Re: Drink Prices in Miami Beach vs elsewhere

    Quote Originally Posted by Jess View Post
    Christy, back me up, our 2 drinks were $45!

    Fabian, I wonder why they didn't charge you tax, grat etc...? that's weird?

    And anyway, I am not arguing the case about drink prices, I am just saying I had a very pleasant surprise buying that round in Orlando, as I am used to SoBe prices.
    not sure why not, the bartender asked me cash or credit.. so that may be why.. i didnt even notice that tax was not applied.. she must of liked me..

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    Reason 5,789 why I will never patronize The Fountainbleu ... and chomp at the bit when I walk trhough there to go to Scarpetta. Wish that restaurant was independent of any hotel.

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