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Thread: White Dade has matured .........

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    Default White Dade has matured .........

    Het Matt. I so appreciate the write up ( )

    I even spoke with Glenn about his experience there and took notes.

    Glad you guys had the opportunity to experience a not-so "fast food " experience.

    Several concepts are up in the air as far as expansion. Chomping on a quality burger or sipping a beer while watching UM or SC on a Saturday afternoon in Brickell might not be foreign soon

    Again, I'm apprecitive of the write-up. Any off-cuff gripes...please let me know.

    Kendall on tap.
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    Default Re: White Dade has matured .........

    Yeah Kendall seems a logical next step.

    As a Brickell resident (reluctantly) I will say that burger/beer/football market seems to be saturated (no pun intended) Between the 487 Irish pubs that have opened up and Burger and Beer. I will say your product is superior but that may not matter. I know exactly jack sh!t about these things, but just an observation.

    Happy to write it up for you, my man. Let me know next time you're in town and we can try those bikes again. Then go for burgers.

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    Default Re: White Dade has matured .........

    I feel like Brickell is famous for overlooking quality, just to go with a popular name. Expansion might be a good idea. I met and made friends with Bobby Lopez the owner of Sushi Sake right around the Brickell area, ad he told me when he expanded into Kendall and other areas that made his name gain popularity, which increased business at all locations. They do have quality sushi there, but it was getting his name out there that helped a lot. He even did some advertising, and also advertised at bus stops with benches, or the bus stop glass cover screen.

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