Damn ! I'm going to miss these forums.

As the in-house misnathtope of Miami Beach, I'm going to admit, while I have a chance, it's an ok place.

The main competor to this site, whom are based in Dallas, never allowed voices of criticism. Here, we where given freedom of expressions, especially mine.

Miami Beach in my case wouldn't even qualify for a vaction stay in my circumstances. Maybe 20 plus years ago maybe ... and that actually happened. I did like the beach and too bad as waa too late when it was really going down in MB. I would have neen it's major proponent.

Everyone is different and has their certain likes and needs. Miami Beach today doesn't inspire me. I can fully see why it might and does for many others. And I certainly don't need anyone telling me I don't understan Miami because I don't officially live there full time. Give me a break. I spend 5-8 days a month in Miami and I started my 305 experience the same time Stallone and Modanna did. I've seen changes the remaining stallworths here haven't.

That said, i think MB or Miami in general is a great destination to vacation. If you chance upon that ponderance, I reccocomend you book your arrangements with MB411 or call them first.

Miami is not unique in it's strangeness as some suggest. Many places qualify for that distiction. It's certainly different and crooked. MB411 will straighten you you up on your vacation needs statewide - guaranteed.

As I part, I love MB ... but not really. Nor did Flager. Give it a try. You might like it.