I love getting feedback from our customers (when it's good, and especially when it's not). These reviews submitted by Marlon R. B. from Whittier, CA were just to good not to share:

Subject: Reviews of your website!

Hey Gus,

I wasn't too sure how to add some reviews so I decided to email you instead. Hopefully this will serve your website since I in fact used it to book my entire vacation. Anyway, here's a couple of them.

REVIEW: Everglades Tour
This was so incredible! My family and I had an awesome time. I bought 4 tickets through miamibeach411 and the prices were better than on any other website. It was raining when we took the trip and that made it even better. We were picked up from our hotel and driven to the everglades where we had the time of our lives! The wildlife was beyond all imagination> I would recommend this to EVERYONE! Make sure you buy the tickets through miamibeach411.com

REVIEW: Mangos Restaurant:
This is a must see when in SoBe! Great Entertainment and an superb atmosphere! I would definately go back to this place to eat, party, and have a great time! this place happens on Wednesdays!

REVIEW: MiamiBeach411.com
This website is a blessing in the sky! I used it not just to book my entire vacation, but to get updated on all the latest info. I used the video they posted about the best way to get there so that I can drive into South Beach in style! I loved the service I received the greatest verbal and email service from Michelle and Gus and by all means not just today, but forever would recommend this website to every tourist planning a trip to The Sunshine State!

REVIEW: Cameo Niteclub!
I recommend this place to everyone!

REVIEW: Mansion Niteclub.
This was my second time at Mansion's (the first time was back in 2004) and I was disappointed again. I thought things had changed since. I don't recommend this club to any tourist. Do not waste your time. I am a club promoter here in Los Angeles and I have never treated anyone like the way these people treat their guests. The service is bad, the music sucks, and it's a horrible place to party! Do not go to this club. heck out Ocean instead. There's so much to do here.
Thanks for the kind words, Marlon. Glad we could be of service.

You're right about Cameo, it's SUPERDUPERAWESOME.