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View Poll Results: Help us decide the forums background color!

9. You may not vote on this poll
  • Should the background color be a dark blue?

    4 44.44%
  • Should the background color be a light gray?

    5 55.56%
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    Default The polls are still open

    Thanks, everybody. Your feedback has been great, and not what I expected.

    We're still taking votes on the background color.

    Blue or Gray - what do you prefer?

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    Default Re: Interesting..........

    Quote Originally Posted by fredgarvin View Post
    I thought for sure I'd prefer the blue (as a Michigan alum), but it seems that the grey boarder is up today, and I like it! I'm gonna have to go with Jess on this one, and vote grey!

    Didn't know you an Ann Arbor Guy. Awesome ! When you guys made the Rose Bowl trip, your alums would always mention how civilized us SC guys were. Thee Ohio State we are not. If you're not from UCLA, we would share the same table.

    UM has one of the coolest fight songs, but when my band plays their gig, it's goose bumps and off to war.

    For purpuses of this theme - GO BIG GREY !

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    Hmm.. it's a close call. My first instinct was to vote for dark blue, because it does make the messages stand out, but on closer inspection I have decided to vote light gray. The reason is the dark blue banner at the top of each page (with the skyline). If that were white, or similarly light, then the dark blue background would work, but if you make the background the same color as the banner, then it tends to blend with the background and looks ill-defined. So my vote is for light gray (from the only two choices available).

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    I'm voting for gray. The blue seems too Purple Rain-inspired. It's like Prince is going to appear any second on his motorcycle.

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